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Vegan Gnocchi — Potato, Flour, Salt & That’s All

Make these simple vegan gnocchi with potato, flour and a sprinkle of salt. The trick is to develop a gluten network in the flour that holds the gnocchi together without adding egg or other binding ingredients. It’s best to use the dome because it’s the best tool for developing gluten. The dome stretches gluten strands or fibers so they can join into networks. These gnocchi are simple, pure and delicious. Boil them until they float or steam them in a sauce.

To make them:
Mash boiled peeled potatoes with the dome in a bowl. Use the blade of the dome to push out any lumps. Add some salt. Add flour in the ratio of 1/3 to 1/2 the volume of potato. Push all ingredients together with the dome to develop the gluten network. Then form sections of dough into balls and roll them into ropes. Then slice into pieces. For a decorative touch, use the dome to cut parallel line impressions in the pieces. Or roll the gnocchi with the back of a fork.

Vegan Sweet Potato Gnocchi

These sweet potato gnocchi are full of flavor and easy to make with the dome. The dome develops the gluten in the flour so the gnocchi hold together without adding egg or any other binding ingredients. Just sweet potatoes, flour, salt and that’s all.

Sweet potatoes of any variety
White flour (½ to ¾ the volume of sweet potato)
Salt to taste

Place peeled, cooked sweet potatoes in a bowl and add some salt.
Chop the sweet potatoes with the blade of the dome, then mash them with the dome until smooth. Use the blade to smooth out any lumps.
You can gauge the amount of flour to add by measuring the volume of potatoes, or simply eyeball the amount.
Add flour to taste at the rate of ½ to ¾ the amount of potatoes. The sweet potatoes make the dough rather sticky, and ¾ the amount of potatoes is a little easier to handle, but still full of the sweet potato flavor.
Blend the dough thoroughly by pushing and spreading the dough with the dome. This will develop a gluten network that will make the dough hold together.
Roll the dough into a ball then into a rope about ¾ inch thick.
Cut the rope into pieces. This dough is pretty sticky and the pieces tend to look a little ragged.  Nevertheless, you can cook them as is, or roll them into balls to look neater. You can also make impressions on the gnocchi with a fork for a more decorative look. (optional)
Finish forming all the gnocchi.
To cook them, boil the gnocchi until they float, or steam them in a sauce.