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Welcome to Starpark Homewares

We are an independent family business founded in 2018 to offer unique new products for the home. Our first product, the Dome Dough Maker & Prep Tool is a multipurpose kitchen tool designed to prepare food in bowls and colanders. It is the invention of Margaret Park who needed a tool that would drain excess hot water from cooked spinach without the need for hand squeezing. She created the Dome and found that it not only drained, pureed, sieved and riced vegetables, it was the perfect shape for making dough – any kind of dough. She started making the best piecrusts of her life with the Dome, finding that it blended so well that she could use less water and make a flakier piecrust using only butter as shortening. Branching out to other dough making projects: pizza, bread, cookies, gnocchi, pasta, she found that the Dome works much better than a spoon. It can knead while mixing, so dough becomes elastic quickly and needing less time for rising and less flour in the dough.

Starpark stands behind their products and offers complete customer satisfaction. 

Watch this site for our new products currently in development.