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Dome Videos & Recipes

See just some of the ways you can use The Dome to make so many kitchen tasks simpler, easier, faster

  • Pizza Dough     Mix and knead your pizza dough in 5 minutes
  • Sour Dough Bread    Easy to make — and your hands won’t get sticky with the dough
  • Pie Crust    Blends so well you can use less water and make a flakier crust
  • Challah    Handles the sticky dough for a rich, delicious and tender loaf
  • Gnocchi    Mash potatoes and add the flour and egg with The Dome in the same bowl
  • Pasta Dough    Manage the perfect blend of flour and water for easy rolling out
  • Sugar Cookies    Use The Dome to cream sugar and cold butter, and no need to chill before rolling out
  • Puree Tomatoes and Other Foods    Push tomatoes through a sieve with The Dome for a juicy non-frothy puree
  • Draining Foods    Squeeze out water from cooked spinach or ravioli, or from other foods for fritters, hash browns, pickles, etc.
  • Crush Nuts and Spices    Press and roll The Dome over nuts and most spices, even almonds